Coronavirus Surge Explained

Coronavirus numbers explained: A first, more than 1,00,000 tests a day

Virus Testing

Just when we were thinking maybe Coronavirus is eventually leaving us for good, our daily updates scared us.

Since Sunday, India has been detecting all the more rise in new coronavirus cases.

Now if anything, the new rate ranges from around about 3500 to 4000 cases every day.

This massive increase has brought with it, an incurable horror and dread.

On Tuesday alone, that is yesterday, more than 5000 cases were found out and now India has been swirling on the 1 lakh phase.

Reason Behind The Surge

One of the primary reasons for its undeterred surge has to be the ever-increasing baseload.

For those who don’t know what that is, A large baseload only leads to a greater number of new cases even if there is no surge.

So apparently when the number of new infections has been increasing, the rate of growth in the new cases has remained unchanged.

Well, give or take. Technically, it has even slowed down amidst all this wreckage.

Another possible reason for the surge can very much so be the result of all the relaxation amidst the lockdown/

I mean, it’s something to delve upon. While the whole country was on a rigid lockdown, there were undeniably a few places where people were still moving around freely.

What’s To Come

Corona Virus
Source – DU Express
Corona Virus
Source- The Times

This is especially disturbing when the government is trying so hard to contain the disease.

Large scale transportation of people in the past few weeks have contributed to the increase in new cases.

This is proven by the fact that Bihar, Odisha and West Bengal are now receiving a large number of workers who have been returning from other places, especially North.

In different states too, people are constantly moving to other quarters because they had been told to evacuate the place they were working at and head home.

IThe rise in new cases also is because of the efficient testing that has come up now. India is testing more and more people every other day.

These test methods are very well established and eventually new cases are being discovered.

What’s baffling is how most of these people who are later found positive, were asymptomatic.

It means they didn’t show any signs whatsoever. But were found to be positive because of the testing.

But they pose as dangerous a threat, as any other human.


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