Coronavirus: Over 50% Of Delhi’s Death Are Over 60 Years Of Age

The death toll rises in the national capital it’s now 166 with a fatality rate of 1.57 per cent.

Corona Virus
Source – DU Express

Delhi currently homes 5,638 active Covid-19 cases after 4,750 people were recovered out of a tally of 10,554, the state government’s health department announced.

The death toll in the capital of India has now reached 166 with a fatality rate of 1.57 per cent.

The highest casualty has been seen in the 60 plus age group with 87 deaths which account for 52% of the losses. There have been 45 deaths in the 50 to 59 years age category while 34 of them who died were less than 50 years old.

The Delhi government now has arranged 1,779 Covid hospitals and 648 Covid care centres in the city.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal who said that a slew of relaxations on Monday would be given, said on Twitter, Tuesday urging citizens to maintain the discipline to keep Covid-19 under check.

Corona Virus
Source- The Times

“Some economic activities are starting from today onwards. It is our full responsibility to be fully disciplined and keep the coronavirus under check,” Kejriwal tweeted.

Most importantly, Kejriwal allowed public transport to ply and shops and marketplaces to open after almost two months of lockdown. Still, there were no relaxations for containment zones in the capital.

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