Coqueace KoCo Powell die, How did Coqueace KoCo Powell die? Cause of Death Explained

Coqueace KoCo Powell die

A Navy veteran and motivational speaker, Coqueace KoCo Powell died on Friday 7 October 2022. Rickey Smiley shared a post on his Twitter account and confirmed her death news.

“My friend Coqueace KoCo Powell passed away. She fought hard! She was my employee, friend, and sister! I absolutely loved her!! Please pray for her family!!!”.

How did Coqueace KoCo Powell die?

She died after a valiant battle with cancer in her residence in Dallas, Texas.

She was an amazing and wonderful woman and she was also a strong competitor. Coqueace made a positive impact on the world and she was a great woman.

What is Coqueace KoCo Powell Cause of Death Explained 

On 30 March 2011, her breast cancer was found to be in stage 3B. She had 9 surgeries like a double mastectomy, lymphadenectomy, hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, and more, since when she heard about her cancer. She also went with 3 more iron infusions in addition and her six rounds of chemotherapy.

She confirmed her cancer on her Facebook account and she wrote, “I now have to take tamoxifen (a small dosage of chemo) for 10 years. I have kidney failure, high blood pressure, and 2 lesions on my spine. Oh and a psychiatrist that says I have PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I have insomnia and mood swings. I’m on happy pills, sleeping pills, and Xanax”.

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