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Controversial Security Bill Passed In China, HK faces protests


Hong Kong‘s leader strongly supported the new security law. China’s government is imposing on the semi-autonomous territory in her speech marking HK’s anniversary of its handover from colonial Britain.

The Passage Of The Legislation

A pro-democracy party, The League of Social Democrats, organized a protest march during the flag-raising ceremony. A dozen participants shouted slogans echoing demands from protesters last year for political reform. Also, an investigation into an accusation of police brutality.

The law’s passage recently further blurs the distinction between the legal systems of semi-autonomous Hong Kong. This maintained aspects of British law after the 1997 handover. Also, the mainland’s authoritarian Communist Party system. Critics say the law ends the one country, two systems framework under which Hong Kong was promised a higher autonomy.

The law effectively targets some of the actions of anti-government protesters. These included attacks on government offices and police stations, damage to subway stations, and the closing of the city’s international airport. Incidents of vandalism against government facilities or public transit can be punished as subversion or terrorism. Also, while anyone participating in activities deemed as secessionist would also violate the new law.

What Regulations Does The Law Include?

In HK, schools, social groups, media outlets, websites and other unspecified will be monitored. Their national security awareness will increase, according to the text. Further, while China’s central government will have power over the activities of foreign non-governmental organizations and media outlets in Hong Kong. It stated central government bodies in Hong Kong will control complicated cases and when there is a serious threat to national security. Local authorities are stopped from interfering with central government bodies operating in Hong Kong. Mostly they are carrying out their duties, according to the law.

Background And A Warning To America

The law was mandated under Hong Kong’s local constitution. But an earlier attempt to pass it in the city’s legislative body in 2003 was forgotten in the face of massive public opposition. Congress has also sought to impose sanctions on people deemed connected to political repression in Hong Kong. This includes police officials, while Britain has said it could offer residency and possible citizenship to about 3 million of Hong Kong’s 7.5 million people.

China stated it will impose visa restrictions on Americans if it tries interfering over Hong Kong.
The law’s passage is after Hong Kong’s legislature in June agreed upon a contentious bill. It made it illegal to insult the Chinese national anthem. Pro-China leaders have also been pushing for more patriotic education to be involved in the curriculum hoping that will increase their identification with Beijing.

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