Who Is Cody Ackland? The Killer of Bobbi-Anne McLeod

Cody Ackland: In 1980, Akland, who had been obsessed with serial killer Ted Bundy, murdered 18-year-old Bobbi with a claw hammer and disposed of her body near Bovisand Beach. Cody Ackland, who confessed to the murder of Bobbi-Anne McLeod after spotting her awaiting a bus and murdering her in cold blood, led a “double life,” the court heard, as he appeared for sentencing after admitting the crime.

Who Is Cody Ackland?

Ackland, 24, was a guitarist for Plymouth’s indie band Rakuda. He also worked as a valet. Over 3,000 dark and disturbing pictures were discovered on Ackland’s phone after police searched his home after Miss McLeod’s murder. The majority of their pictures depicted mutilated bodies, murder weapons, bloodied and soiled clothing, and the locations where the victims were found. Plymouth Crown Court sentenced the 24-year-old to life in prison for a minimum of 31 years.

Cody Ackland

Who is Ted Bundy?

As a serial killer, he kidnapped, raped, and murdered several young women in the 1970s. In the end, he admitted to 28 murders in seven states from 1974 to 1978 after a decade of denial. However, it is believed he committed other killings during this time. Ultimately, he was executed in 1989 after receiving three death sentences. Accland’s attack on McLeod resembled the murder method of American serial killer Bundy in the 1970s in that he approached her from behind and smashed her with a hammer before abducting her.

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