COD Mobile S04 Release Date, Battle Pass, Best Gun & More

COD Mobile S04 Release Date:- It will be released on 27th April 2022 at 7 PM. To get more information like Game pass & Best Gun then read this blog to the end of the post.

COD is a very exciting game for gamers. Ever since this game hit the market, it has caused a stir. Already, two seasons of Call of Duty have ended. Currently, Season 3 of this game is coming to an end. And the next update i.e. Season 4 is coming. Check COD Mobile Season 4 Release Date.

Like all previous seasons, this season has four new maps, weapons, operators, and more. And, on that condition, we have a glimpse of these features in previous beta test builds. However, we still have a lot of reliable information. Today we are going to give you lots of information about COD Mobile Season 4.

COD Mobile Season 4

COD Mobile S04 Release Date

Fans don’t have to wait long. Because season 4 starts on April 27 at 7:00 PM. However, the fourth season content update was released a day or earlier. But players will have the opportunity to enter the new season as soon as they think about the update.

The release of the new season is a love story for gamers. Because a new season brings with it awesome battle passes, skins, weapons, maps, and more. You can get bored playing the same.

So if something new comes out at that time, it must be exciting. Meanwhile, cod is already very exciting, and with its new seasons, something to watch out for. No doubt Cod has been a huge hit since its release. But the introduction of the season caused the game’s popularity to skyrocket.

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Battle Pass COD Mobile S04

Two types of passes are available. To like-

Premium pass

  • Farah – Sentinel of the Desert
  • Ghost – Operation
  • Rosa – Sanad Dune
  • Roach

Free admission

  • Contact Grenade: TA14
  • Cell: TA21

Best Guns Of COD Mobile S04

The weapons I will now name are the current cod meta. You can use these guns to run primarily with pub and rank players. These are the list of weapons-

  • AS VAL
  • DR-H
  • QQ9
  • QXR
  • Outlaw
  • arctic-50
  • SP-R 208
  • MK2
  • Chopper
  • KRM-262

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