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Coal Mining Near Assam Wildlife Sanctuary Suspended

Coal Mines
Source: The Indian Express

The NEC (North Eastern Coalfields) has temporarily stopped their operations. North-Eastern Coalfields is a unit of Coal India Limited in Assam. NEC ceased their operation in the result of the protests of the people. Also, the natives were protesting to stop the adverse impact on the sub-tropical rainforest.

The General Manager of NEC signed an official letter. With the effect of this letter, all the mining operations eastern Assam’s Margherita will be halted by June 3. However, the order mentioned that the liquidation of present coal-stock would continue until the stock gets exhausted. Further, the concerned statutory bodies will take care of the remaining statutory formalities.

Coal Mines
Source: The Indian Express

The Campaign

The native and various organizations have started a campaign to save 111.19 sq. Km Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary. Further, the campaign has achieved momentum and spread like wildfire. The campaign also became popular after ‘The Hindu’ published a story on NBWL nod for coal mining in the area of Dehing Patkai Elephant Reserve. NBWL stands for National Board for Wild Life’s.

The Dehing Patkai Elephant Reserve covers the areas of Dibrugarh, Sivasagar, and Tinsukia districts. The NBWL’ discussed the proposal to use 98.59 hectares of land of forest reserve for the mining project of NEC. The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change governs the National Board for Wild Life’s. The National Board for Wild Life’s approved the diversion of forest land. Further, 41.9 hectare of land was unbroken for the Tiktok open-cast coal mining project of NEC.

Gauhati High Court accepted some PILs on June 4 seeking a stay order on all the mining operation in Dehing Patkai area. Further, the court has directed the Central and State Governments to submit the relevant documents. The North-Eastern Coalfields has 1, 100 employees. Also, the prolonged suspension of the mining operations in the area is going to require the relocation of the employees in other coal fields of the country.


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