Home General News Claire Parry Killed By Police Officer Timothy Brehmer; Read The Whole Story!

Claire Parry Killed By Police Officer Timothy Brehmer; Read The Whole Story!

Claire Parry Killed By Police Officer Timothy Brehmer

The spouse of the medical attendent, Claire Parry, murdered by cop Timothy Brehmer has marked him a “very much rehearsed liar”.

Claire Parry Killed By Police Officer Timothy Brehmer

Claire Parry And Her Death

The 41-year-old, yesterday freed from killing medical attendant Claire Parry. After he blamed for choking her to death when she uncovered their issue to his better half.

Brehmer affirmed to have ‘angrily’ choked Claire in his car. It happened minutes after she messaged his analyst spouse “I’m undermining you” from his telephone.

Following a multi day preliminary, the previous Dorset cop absolved of the 41-year-old mum’s homicide.

Nonetheless, he recently conceded murdering Claire by homicide. Moreover, he sentenced imprisonment for 10-and-a-half years.

Mr Parry Statement

Her significant other, Andrew Parry, said he “unimaginably baffled” with the decision, following a preliminary at Salisbury Crown Court.

“I trust Brehmer’s record of that day to a bit conflicting and untruthful,” Mr Parry said in an announcement delivered after the condemning.

“As the homicide preliminary heard, he led a manufacturing plant reset on his cell phone. Which has impeded the police examination. Additionally, leaves us with a fragmented image of functions on that day.

“I feel we will never genuinely know precisely what occurred.

“What we sure of appears that Brehmer utilized such power against Claire Parry that she endured cracks to her neck, passed out, went into heart failure and inevitably kicked the bucket.

“Having utilized that measure of power, he has neglected to deliver any help to her which might have spared her life. As a prepared cop, he would have could do this.

“All things being equal, he decided to lie from the second he found by witnesses, expressing that Claire had wounded him.

“He has since acknowledged that this occurred completely false and that he dispensed those wounds on himself.

“This untruth prompted a deferral in Claire Parry getting what might have been lifesaving treatment, a reality that remaining parts staggeringly upsetting.”

Mr Parry, additionally a Dorset Police official, portrayed his significant other as a “cherishing relative and a hovering mother” of two.

“Brehmer is an all around rehearsed liar with long stretches of involvement,” the dad of-two said.

“He has shown himself – as the preliminary presented – to be reliably untrustworthy, misleading and mischievous. We don’t acknowledge his variant of functions and all the irregularities that it contains.

About Claire Parry

“Claire Parry was a mindful medical attendant expert who helped numerous individuals in a vocation of more than 20 years. She was a caring relative and a hovering mother who abandons two little youngsters.

Claire Parry Killed By Police Officer Timothy Brehmer

“Her energy and eagerness for everyday routine were irresistible and our experiences are less fortunate without her in them.

“This preliminary has been a shocking difficulty for the entirety of Claire’s loved ones.”

Following the decision yesterday, Claire’s family marked Brehmer ‘the most noticeably awful sort of hoodlum’ who ‘ransacked her offspring of 1,000,000 much love from their mummy’.

The casualty’s folks said they endured ‘unpleasant, severe torment’ at the idea of their grandkids being raised without their mom.


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