Chloe Avery Obituary, How did Chloe Avery Die? Cause Of Death

Chloe Avery Obituary, How did Chloe Avery Die? Cause Of Death

Chloe Avery, who was long associated with the Great British Bake Off, has passed away. She died on 22nd August 2022. Chloe was a food producer and was associated with Love Productions. Love Productions is one of the companies that produce Great British Bake Off—the new season of this famous show started by paying tribute to this unsung hero behind the screen. 

How did Chloe Avery Die?

Chloe’s brother posted the news of her passing on the social media platform Facebook. Through his post, many people learned that Chloe was battling cancer. Chloe got diagnosed with cancer in December 2021. At that time, the doctors only gave her two weeks to survive. 

Chloe was going through the treatment for the same. She received a few rounds of chemotherapy. Her brother also mentioned that Chloe was very optimistic throughout her treatment. She wanted to get better and was cooperative with what is known as the hardest medical treatments. :

Chloe Avery Obituary:

Chloe was determined to get better and be with her baby boy. Unfortunately, her battle against cancer ended with her death. Her brother Henry mentioned that Chloe left this world at 23.15 on Monday, 22nd August. Chloe is survived by her son Josh, her brother Henry, her parents, and many of her loved ones. 

Many people who regularly watched her show were sad after the tribute. Her fans took social media as a platform and paid their condolences. There is no official information from her family on the funeral details. 

Who was Chloe Avery?

Chloe served as a food producer for the Great British Bake Off. Her job profile was quite interesting. She had to come up with challenges that the contestants would face. It included designing technical and signature dish challenges. She worked with various known faces and celebrities in events like The Great Comic Relief Bake Off. 

Chloe described her work in one of the interviews in 2015. In this conversation, she explained that she had to set up food and equipment. She was also supposed to make sure of the process of filming each recipe.

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