China-India Tensions At The LAC In Ladakh

Indian border infrastructure or Chinese assertiveness? Experts dissect what triggered China border moves

Tension In The Border

There has been going on unchecked levels of high tension in the Ladakh border of India-China.

Here, Chinese soldiers have audaciously moved into the Indian territory across the Line of Actual Control.

This has severely raised questions about their motives and the masterplan.

Most people are waiting for Chinese Foreign Minister Wan Yi’s annual press conference on the sidelines of the Community Party Congress for a vital explanation.

Nevertheless, the 100-minute long presser in Beijing didn’t even mention India and this whole situation. Strange?

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What Follows

The Chinese had undeniably learned from the public handling of the Doklam crisis.

They had thought India would be utterly quick to brief the media so they did it first.

We were, on the other hand, calm and measured, calling for negotiations. But they are trying their best to avoid a situation like that.

China’s actions are pretty hard to figure out, especially when there’s no authoritative statement come out of Beijing.

It may be so that China is responding to India’s efforts to bolster border-area infrastructure in Ladakh after the DSDBO road was made.

If China crossed border 100 times, India crossed it 200 times ...
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The Motive

After India’s move into Dokhlan in 2017, China has been pretty sensitive to Indian activity, more so regarding the disputed border.

Maybe around Galwan, China is seeking to prevent an Indian effort in order to improve it’s corresponding links to the LAC.

These have been nonetheless, suggested by retired Army Chiefs and ambassadors of China-India war.

Ashok Kantha, for instance, was the ambassador to China from 2014 to 2016.

He argues that the Chinese seem to be physically changing the ground position and has been preventing Indian troops from undertaking the regular patrolling.


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