Cherry Valentine Death: How did She die? Drag queen Cherry Valentine Cause Of Death, Dies At Age 28

Cherry Valentine Death: How did She die? Drag queen Cherry Valentine Cause Of Death, Dies At Age 28

Cherry Valentine: A drag performer, known as George Ward, dies at 28

George Ward, better known as Cherry Valentine, died at the age of 28. His family issued a statement saying: “We are deeply saddened and heartbroken to inform you of the tragic loss of our Cherry Valentine.”

Many people will be shocked by this news, and we understand how difficult it is to make this announcement.

“His death has left our lives changed forever, and we are still processing it as a family.” Please be patient and pray for us during this time. Cherry Valentine, we love you.

Cherry Valentine Cause of death:

As of yet, it is unclear how Cherry – real name George Ward – passed away. There was no doubt that Cherry was one of the most memorable stars of the second series in the UK.

The name of their drag comes from a cherry-scented bath wash they used while showering and from their grandmother, who enjoys drinking sherry. In regards to Valentine’s Day, it was just because they loved it so much.

Who is George Ward, aka Cherry Valentine?

Originally from Darlington, County Durham, he qualified as a mental health nurse in 2015 before starting his drag career.

Traveler Valentine attributed her decision to become a drag performer to the “fabulous” women in her family. It was Valentine’s belief when she grew up that being a drag performer was not a viable career because there is a lot of pressure on young people in the Traveler community to marry, settle down, have a family, and get a job to support their families.

Ward was announced in December 2020 as one of 12 contestants for the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. His introductory video describes Cherry Valentine as “glamourous,” “dark,” and “gothic.”

He gained a deeper understanding of people as a nurse. In order to understand people, you need to work with them as a drag queen.

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