César Mascetti Die, How did he die? Argentine Journalist Cause of Death, Dies At 80

César Mascetti Die

César Mascetti, who was a journalist and television news host and he was the iconic Telenoche newscaster from the past century died on Tuesday 4 October 2022 in San Pedro at the age of 80.

How did he die? Argentine Journalist Cause of Death

His death reason has not been revealed yet. This news was confirmed by the local town hall in a communiqué signed by Mayor Ramón Salazar, former mayor Cecilio Salazar, and the entire municipal government, “His enormous media track record, his history linked to the San Pedro press via his father’s newspaper El Independiente and his connection with local production via [the] La Campiña [rural tourism establishment] are only some of the so many reasons making his figure part of Sampedro history”.

On Wednesday 5 October 2022, he has buried in San Pedro, and all people tributes to the broadcaster.

Who is César Mascetti?

He was an Argentine journalist and television news host. Cesar started his work in the TV news Telenoche in 1966 with Mónica Cahen D’Anvers. For their long work, both of them received the Golden Martín Fierro award in 2001. They left Telenoche in 2004 after their marriage in 2003. And they worked on the radio program “Mónica y César” in Radio del Plata.

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