CEO Pawan Chaudhary and Vipin Chaudhary from VP Anokhi Media Pvt Ltd defines their mantras for success

“You Can Find an Excuse or You Can Find a Way” following this quote began the journey of two believers who are CEO’s to multiple businesses in a short span.

Pawan Chaudhary and Vipin Chaudhary from VP Anokhi Media Pvt Ltd are the problem solvers who stuck by the aforementioned quote and carved their way to success. The leading business digital solutions has been hailed by many in terms of providing one stop blogging, WordPress Website and App development solutions with excellence.

The entrepreneur duo is today leading a team of highly skilled employees working across 22+ successfully running websites while making a fortune out of their lives.

Pawan Chaudhary

Pawan Chaudhary, the visionary digital marketer hailing from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh received his first paycheck at the age of 17 and realised the potential in the field of digital marketing, slowly and gradually he self learnt his way and worked across multiple projects with top notch clients.

He is also the partner in a leading music video production company called Nohara Music Entertainment Private Limited and has been successfully running various businesses.

The hardworking business enthusiast worked himself off to purchase a laptop with his own money in the year 2013. Since then he has only seen a upward trend in his career.Both Pawan Chaudhary and Vipin Chaudhary are graduates who have excelled in the digital world without any special education in these fields, no wonder why it is said that your qualifications do not define your stature in life.

VP Anokhi Media was found in the year. and has been providing services par excellence in the various domains of digital marketing which has been acclaimed worldwide.

Powering businesses with their technology backed expert solutions platform headquartered in Jaipur, the duo is not only inspiring the youth in their places of origin but across the globe in building an empire that generates millions today.

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