Camilla Cabello – Camilla Said She Has No Time To Waste It On Social media. Is That An Excuse To Avoid Breakup Rumors? Check Out To Know More On Her Relationship status.

The Havana Singer Camilla has confined her life to the present and recently posted on Instagram about it.  Camilla has decided to take a vacation from social media.

Camila Cabello


Almost every celebrity being on Instagram, Camilla is avoiding to be a part of it. Recently, Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes were the talks of the town. Their breakup rumours are everywhere. In contrast, some celebrities live through the social media platform. The headlines and breakup rumours swirling through the press has been controversial.

What Has Camilla Said Regarding Her  Less Activity On Instagram?

It seems that Camilla has been working on some new music video. She gave the audience a hint about her release through her pictures on Instagram. A busy-bee lately for sure. Her Instagram post apologising to her fans for not being available most of the time is a must-read.

source- Instagram

Furthermore, she mentions how much she wants to spend some quality time with her family. She gave a long list of work she’s been doing all these while- “Meditating, finding stillness on these crazy times, reading, watching cooking shows…” mentioned the 23-year-old. What comes to the reader’s mind is why was there no mention of her boyfriend, Shawn Mendes?

We understand that sometimes personal life needs space. Camilla doesn’t want to waste her time with her hectic schedule. But the fans deserve to know the truth regarding their breakup.

Is This The End To Shawnmila?

Are the rumours true? The couple we saw walking through a beautiful journey from being ‘Just friends’ to a romantic couple. Sources say she has been avoiding these rumours or the fact to not come to the limelight.  When the international headlines stated ‘Proof Shawn and Camila have broken up’ Camilla tagged Shawn and commented ”well when The Fuck were you gonna tell me” ?.

Later on, the fans were shocked to see Camilla and Shawn not walking the red carpet together. Is the social-media distancing just a way to forget about the sweet romance and move on in life?

source- Instagram

Solidarity and peace

We all know that their love is always going to stay, and their PDA won’t come to an end so quickly. Every relationship needs a break for a better future. Camilla’s ‘Favourite Human” cannot be undone so soon.  We hope Camilla comes back to her Instagram with another hot post of Shawn and her budding romance. Till then all the best wishes girl.


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