C.B. Embry Jr Cause of death, Former state Senator C. B. Embry Jr. died at 81

C.B. Embry Jr Cause of death, Former state Senator C. B. Embry Jr. died at 81

C. B. Embry Jr, who recently stepped down from the Kentucky senate, died on Thursday, 29th September 2022. He was 91 years old. He lost his long battle with cancer. He stepped down from the senate due to cancer as well. Even though he stepped down early this year, C. B. Embry Jr did cast his vote during the Frankfort legislative session. 

C.B. Embry Jr Cause of death:

C. B. Embry Jr is said to die because he had cancer for a long time. He was going through treatment for the same. His family has not shared details on whether he died at home or elsewhere. A statement was released by Charlotte Martin, a director of smith funeral home in Morgantown. 

Who was C. B. Embry Jr?

C. B. Embry Jr was first elected to the senate in 2014. Since then, he has served on several committees. Most recently, he served as a chair to the veterans. Along with that, he also served on the Military Affairs committee, Public Protection Committee, etc. 

While remembering him, many people mentioned that Embry was a true gentleman. He was a responsible and consummate public servant. He used to take his duty very seriously and responsibly. He remained a representative of people till his very end. 

C. B. Embry Jr Obituary:

According to Charlotte Martin, funeral agreements for C. B. Embry Jr are yet to be done. Therefore, his family has not shared funeral arrangements or memorial services. However, the family is soon expected to share everything with the concerned authorities. 

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