Bruno Fernando: Rockets 2021-2022 Season In Review

Bruno Fernando was acquired by the Rockets as part of a transaction that brought Daniel Theis back to Boston and Dennis Schroder to Houston. The 6’9″ Angolan forward from Maryland wasn’t expected to do much. We should expect the expected for the most of Bruno’s stay in Houston, as not much happened. Bruno sat at the far end of the bench, transfixed to it.

Then he was inserted into a few basketball games, and things started to happen. Things with a lot of force. Blocking shots, crushing dunks, and setting wipe out picks are all things that strong forwards do. His game isn’t very pretty, but that’s no problem because the Rockets have plenty of gorgeous gazelles to lope about the floor and leap into the air for spectacular dunks.

Bruno Fernando Rockets 2021-2022 Season Review

Bruno Fernando: Rockets 2021-2022 Season In Review

The Rockets lacked a big man capable, willing, and confident enough to play with true power, one who was familiar with cliches like “getting his jersey dirty,” “having sand in his pants,” and “ready to mix it up.” Daniel Theis was a perfectly competent player who was a poor fit for the Rockets and unable to impose any defensive rules.

Bruno is far from a defensive wunderkind, and he’ll never be an offensive force, but the Rockets need what he can do effectively. Bruno Fernando’s rate metrics are impressive, which makes him interesting.

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Per 36 minutes, as a Rocket, Bruno averaged

26.4 ppg, 15.3 rbs, 1.1 ast,.4 stl, 3 blk, and 70% TS percent (with an incredible 6.9 personal fouls, which may be a concern if he ever achieves those numbers).

It’s unknown whether Bruno Fernando will ever be more than an energy big off the bench, but it’s evident that he CAN, and the Rockets currently NEED that, so maybe next season, with a little more polish, we’ll be able to talk more about Bruno?

Thoughts on the Playoffs

76ers against. Raptors — The NBA Commentariat isn’t looking good in this one. The 76ers appear to have more talent than the Raptors, while the Raptors appear to be a gimmick. Toronto doesn’t appear to have many offensive concepts if teams close in on them defensively rather than the other way around and don’t turn the ball over.

So this lethal group of 6’8″ athletes, with no evident elite individual offensive skills (apart from Van Vleet), is having some difficulty scoring the ball against a relatively thin yet good 76ers team? Weird.

James Harden can’t beat anyone off the dribble right now, and he can’t seem to get any lift on his shot, not that he ever did. It’s excruciating to watch him attack the lane if you’ve spent years expecting every single one of his assaults to end in a lefty layup slammed in at an acute angle with immense force. Chris Paul’s summer rehab and weight-loss regimen could be able to be sent to him.

Warriors vs. Nuggets – Do we really need to extol the virtues of a Warriors squad that is missing two of its three top players yet again?

Well, What kind of team is Utah if it can’t beat Dallas without Luka? It appears that current iteration of the Jazz is coming to an end, if not in this series, then in the next.

Timberwolves vs. Grizzlies – This series has piqued my interest. I’m not sure if Jah is truly more gifted than Edwards, but it appears that a measure of sheer talent favours Minnesota.

Celtics vs. Nets – I’m a huge fan of both teams. Boston is celebrating after defeating a 7th seed at home on a last-second shot. They were supposed to be unstoppable badasses, right? They’re now the brave underdogs.

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