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Britney Spears- Britney Is ‘Nervous’ To Be On The Camera Due To Acne Issues.


The America Actor Jonathan Brandis once well said- ‘As An Actor, You Have One Great Fear: Pimples’. Britney Spears faced a similar issue which accepts it!! We all do – Posting a picture on Instagram


The ‘Criminal’ singer seems to be quite open about her personal issues regarding her childhood. During a talk with her regarding her new film 2002’s crossroad she shared her skin problems as well. She said “When I was younger I never really had an acne problem until I did my first movie,” she wrote next to a stunning pic of her modelling a midriff-baring top. “I was so nervous to be on camera so I went to the dermatologist for stronger skincare products !!!

How Did She Dealt With The Acne?

Britney continues to express her dealing with the skin problem by saying“It’s gone … now I stay outside a lot and I give the sun credit for lifting my spirits and giving me a natural glow !!!!! It was so hot yesterday but look what I found …. my mini rose garden hidden in the back !!!! I put them in my hair and I thought they were exquisite.”

She is a cheerful personality indeed.

Britney keeps the fan updated with various interesting topics this pandemic. Also, she keeps sharing pictures of her long time boyfriend Sam Asghari

Britney entered into the film industry four years after her music career began. Crossroads starred Zoe SaldanaTaryn Manning and Kim Cattrall, the latter of which was at the peak of success due to her famous role of Samantha Jones on the popular HBO series Sex and the City.

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