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‘Bringing Unhappy Home Life’ Elise Neal Rubbishes The Rumor

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In an international blog, Elise Neal said that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith bringing their unhappy home life to work which makes a leave All of us.

Following this, she Autocop up Instagram and commented on the post saying that it’s a piece of fake news. She further the portal and says that you all be blessed by this but you get your facts right.

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Elise Neal’s Clarification

‘Ha fake news! I don’t do interviews to do that kids, and I hate that the world wants to take 2 mins and run with this. The interview was to promote my new film All In. Messy ain’t me, my peace and well being is always the most important. You always will be blessed but get it correct, okay.”

Said by Elise Neal in the comment of an instant post.


What Actually Happened

The bloggers the neighbourhood talk posted a short clip of the interview with Elise Neal, in which she said that everyone knows that I was in all of us, she said that something was going to the upside in my head she continues saying that if someone is happy the spread unhappiness to others.

She said that she wasn’t happy on the sad because of the people the way the treated her in a certain way that they could tell that it was unhappy.

The interview was to promote her new movie. In another interview, she said that she left all of us because of the budget cut by the production. She left in 2015 but after she left the show the show continued for two more years and get off the air in 2007.


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