Bridget Namiotka die, Bridget Namiotka's cause of death? Parents Reveal the Cause of Death

Bridget Namiotka die, Bridget Namiotka’s cause of death? Parents Reveal the Cause of Death

Losing loved ones is the real pain. How much will the parents suffer on losing their lovable son or daughter? It will be unbearable. No one can fill their space and the love they give. The death of the people at the youngest stage will be more intolerable. 

Recently, the parents who had lost their lovable daughter opened up about the cause of the death of Bridget Namiotka.

Who was Bridget Namiotka?

Bridget was an American skater born in the year 1990. She is the daughter of Steve and Maureen Namiotka. The young girl began to learn skating with full passion at seven in 1997. Following the years, with all her efforts and talent, she placed fifth in Novice pairs at the US Championship in partnership with Alex Merrit.

Later she joined John Coughlin in 2004. This team of two had won three medals in the ISU Junior Grand Prix series, in which they had won Gold in Croatia. 

How did Bridget Namiotka die?

It is shocking to hear that the youngest champ left the earth soon. Bridget Namiotka died on 25 July 2022. During that time, not much about the cause of her death. But, recently, her parents, Steve and Maureen Namiotka, opened up about how Bridget died. 

Since Bridget was suffering from a lot of trauma because some sexual abuse had caused her death, according to her parent’s statement, the trauma complications had taken her life and left her parents alone.

What was the cause of her death?

The parents of Bridget had revealed how Bridget Namiotka died. They had said that “Bridget succumbed to her long struggles with addiction after several very difficult years of dealing with the trauma of sexual abuse.”

Also, they shared their pain towards their daughter’s loss, saying, “She was a beautiful child and a wonderful athlete, and we are heartbroken. We hope that Bridget’s death will bring new attention to the terrible effects of sexual abuse and addiction in our society.”

 Losing the one and one lovable daughter is heart devastating. Strong prayers to her parents! 

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