Brendon Mendoza Cause of death? seattle sound therapy psychotherapist has died

Brendon Mendoza Cause of death? seattle sound therapy psychotherapist has died

Birth is the start of everyone’s life on this earth. After birth, we run, chase and live life. Where does it end? When one is losing their life, there stops the life of a living being. It is a death that no one has the right to stop. Death will never be a single being on the earth. It is the saddest news in everyone’s life, losing our loved ones and closest ones.

The shocking news which is ruling social media is about the death of Brendon Mendoza. Let us see how he died and the cause of the death of Brendon Mendoza. 

Who is Brendon Mendoza?

Brendon Mendoza is a well-known and popular licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Seattle. He has a great passion and respect for the art and therapy of counseling. A good human with a positive mind will always give good counseling and therapies to stressed clients and make them feel better and healthier physically and mentally. 

Brendon Mendoza cause of death:

A good moral human had given shock and heartbreak to his family and his clients. He had died in an automobile accident, according to the sources given by the police. He had been met with a tragic accident and lost his life. 

The people from their household have confirmed this information. And the police are investigating the incident and the cause of the accident. After knowing the death of the good human, Brendon Mendoza, social media is filled with news of his demise and despair regarding the death.

How did Brendon Mendoza die? 

When he was returning from the hospital, on the way, he was met with a tragic accident, as per the police information. 

He collided with another automobile, and he got a head injury. And immediately, he was taken to the hospital and admitted with some emergency treatments. But it was useless; he lost his life, unfortunately. After knowing this incident, Brendon Mendoza’s family has gone into despair. 

I hope God gives strength to tolerate the pain and the loss! 

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