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This week, Gizmodo has brought up some exciting new content on wildlife, prehistoric fossils, and sustainable living. Gizmodo is a great blog on science, glamour, and glitz. Scroll to read more.

Giant Sloth Grave

Remains of giant ground sloths, and an ancient horse, deer, pampathere, and gomphothere were found in the Santa Elena Peninsula in Ecuador. Although they were preserved in asphalt, it’s not believed that it was an authentic tar pit. There is no evidence that they died in it. Everything in the sediment found seems to indicate that this was once a marshy environment. But weirdly, nothing even remotely aquatic has been found in the vicinity. What they did find in plenty were fossil plant remnants.

The official said- ” A lot of Ice Age animals have some living corollary somewhere on Earth today.  But there is nothing even closely resembling this giant ground sloth, they are unique, and they have completely disappeared.”

giant sloth fossil

Wierd Bird Hybrid

A fascinating new bird was found off a trail in Redlands, California, last fall. It wasn’t so easy to ID.  Its bill was long and pointy, and it had stripes across its wings as Orioles do. There is a suspicion that it could be the hybrid result of a chat mating with an oriole.

  1. It was singing a noisy chat-like song but in a hoarser tone. The bird watcher at the scene said – ” birds usually sing to defend their territory and to attract mates.”

It was concluded that DNA would be the best way to decide the bird’s ancestry.

bird hybrid

Corona: No More Trash?

The covid virus could completely change our relationship with trash. This virus and the lockdown have made people more self-sufficient, by cooking at home or extending their wardrobe life. All of these new habits that have been forced on us could lead to a drastic decrease in waste compared to our previous situation.

The plastic producing industries have been pushing back against the plastic bans during this crisis, saying cloth and paper bags carry the virus for longer and hence, are harmful. But the truth is, it stays on the bags the same amount of time as on a person’s clothes, wallet or purse.

All in all, it feels like this is a good, healthy change and could lead to a better green future for us all.





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