Bengaluru Girl Viral Video Twitter: Watch How School Girls Are Fighting For Uniform?

Bengaluru Girl Viral Video Twitter: A recent trending news is coming out on Twitter about Bengaluru Girls who are fighting each tougher for school uniforms. A video of Bengaluru Girl Viral on Twitter. In this blog, we bring every information about the viral video and the girls to get complete information and also a viral video you need to read this blog until the end of the page.

Bengaluru Girl Viral Video Twitter

Many students got involved in the fight. Dramatic images of the fight have now surfaced on social media. The reason for the fight remains unknown. A video of a group of girls attacking each other in front of a school in Bengaluru has gone viral on social media. The girls are in their school uniform, and it is unknown when the incident occurred. Observing the uniforms of the students engaged in the brawl, social media users said the fight was more like a fisticuff between students from two schools. One of these schools is Bengaluru’s Bishop Cotton Girls’ School.

 Why Bengaluru Girls Fighting? Watch Viral Video

The video shows girls slapping each other and pulling one another’s hair. One girl can be seen whipping others with a stick, and boys are also seen at the scene. The reason behind the fighting is not known yet but we will update you soon. The fight lasted for quite some time, as evident from the viral videos, and shouts and shrieks could be heard. Some people intervened and tried to disengage them. This video shows a girl who is injured from a different angle.

Bengaluru Girl Viral Video

However, the school authorities did not intervene in the fight, nor have they made any public statements, but Twitter is awash with comments from witnesses. A screenshot purportedly showing a message from the student who took part in the fight indicated that the friend who asked her to go to Bishop Cotton Girls’ School to strike a girl she had an issue with asked her to do it.

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