Bad Bunny Is Signed For Marvel Movie & Release Date

Bad Bunny Is Signed For Marvel Movie & Release Date:- The officials of the Marvel Comics have signed a new American actor for its upcoming movie. It will be released in 2023.

While Sony’s Spider-Man universe has yet to feature its own version of Marvel’s Web-Slinger, there’s certainly no shortage of characters to highlight. We’ve met Venom and Morbius before, Kraven the Hunter is coming in early 2023, and Madame Web will hit the scene later that same year.

Is Bad Bunny Signed For Marvel Movie? & Release Date

Now, we learn that rapper Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, aka Bad Bunny, will star in his own Marvel movie within the SSSU which will arrive in early 2024.

Is Bad Bunny Signed For Marvel Movie

This reveal comes straight to CinemaCon, where Sony Motion Pictures Group President Sanford Panitch announced that Bad Bunny will play El Muerto, which was introduced to the Marvel Comics Universe in 2006.

Spider-Man Friendly Neighborhood #6. the The dead The movie hits theaters on January 12, 2024, and assuming Sony’s Spider-Man universe doesn’t feature any movies between him and Madame Web, that will make El Muerto the sixth entry in that franchise.

He’ll also be the first Latino character to lead a Marvel movie, while Jaime Reyes, aka Blue Beetle, will have that honor for a DC movie in the summer of 2023.

Although Grammy-winning Bad Bunny is best known for songs like “I Like It” and “Mia,” he already has some acting experience under his belt. In addition to appearing briefly in F9 and recurring in Narcos: Mexico like Arturo “Kitty” Páez, he also joined Brad Pitt in the High-speed train cast and starred alongside Camila Mendes and O’Shea Jackson Jr. in American sole. Plus, Bad Bunny wrestled for WWE, so he knows the action well and can put those skills to good use in El Muerto.

In the comics, El Muerto began as Juan-Carlos Sanchez, who was trained his entire life by his father to one day take on the mantle of El Muerto, that is, to become a masked wrestler with powers incredible thanks to the mystical masks they wore.

But Juan-Carlos didn’t want this cloak and refused to fight El Dorado as part of the ritual, so when his opponent tried it on, Juan-Carlos’ father sacrificed his life to try to stop El Dorado.

This noble effort granted Juan-Carlos 10 more years to train, and at the end of that time he had to defeat and unmask a masked hero. When time ran out, Juan-Carlos chose Spider-Man as his target, and although the initial battle didn’t go his way, Spidey and the now El Muerto teamed up to defeat El Dorado.

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