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Awesome Moments of Avengers Endgame


The Avengers Endgame was a bomb ending to the Marvel series. It was not a perfect film, but it had some great moments.  Let’s look at them.

avengers endgame

Hawkeye’s family dead

The movie starts with Hawkeye happily sitting down with his family and laughing with his kids. Then they turn to dust, and we see him tearing up, and we all feel for him.  This is an intensely emotional moment that touched us all.

Thor goes for the head.’

Thanos abruptly dies in the first 20 minutes of the film, its like a dull thud in the audiences’ stomachs.

Thor cutting off his head is a low blow, and it leads to a dreary 2 minutes, which emphasizes the hopelessness they all feel.

The Sceptre Heist

The highlight of the sequence, and possibly one of the big highlights of the entire movie is

Captain America is saying ” I can do this all day,” and the audience goes “ooh.” It’s one of those critical scenes which send him back to his original glory, and of course, we would all love to look at that eye candy as much as possible.

We take a moment to admire his super-soldier assets.

Thor feels worthy

It was shocking to see Thor with his potbelly and his alarming alcoholism. We sympathize, though, as we see him battling PTSD and depression. The scene where he talks to his mother is like the tipping point.  We all feel an overwhelming rush of emotion, and it’s heartwarming.

The scene where Mjolnir proves he is “still worthy” is beautiful too.

Falcon says, ” On your left.”

The floodgates of hope open as the Avengers reunite, the fallen heroes rising again with fire in their eyes. When Captain America shouts ” Avengers, assemble!”, we have to admit, we all get a little teary.

The Relay race for the Stones

It’s not one scene; this is an emotion woven into the entire movie; pure, unadulterated comic joy as we see all our favorite superheroes fighting hard as hell to get all the stones.

All the Superwomen

My heart roars as I see all the kickass female superheroes making way for Captain Marvel. The background score and the tumult of emotion we feel is just inexplicable.  Take that, patriarchy!

female superheroes in avengers

Peggy and the Cap

So Captain America finally gets that one last dance with his Peggy. We expected it, but that doesn’t mean we love it any less. It was hard to see how they’d weave it into the plot, but with the timey-wimey angle, they managed to pull it off, and how.

Captain America and the Hammer

The Cap lifting the hammer has cheers and screams throughout the theatre. Unexpected, but a great move from the scriptwriters and this scene is one big hell of a highlight.


This scene is the soul of the movie.

It is the best and the worst scene, and it cannot be helped. It delivered the much-needed punch in the guts to make the movie unforgettable.

As Tony lays on the ground and waits to die and Peter Parker is trying hard not to cry, and Pepper permits him to leave, I am bawling like a baby.

iron man

So this is the movie. There are rumors that tony might come back, which could be very true, as who can really replace that legendary character?

Stay tuned to see what happens.




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