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Nubia Cristina Braga Cause Of Death, Brazilian influencer Nubia Cristina Braga was shot dead at her residence

Nubia Cristina Braga

The Brazilian influencer Nubia Christiania was found dead by the police at her residence on October 14. According to the reports, she was shot dead by two unknown assailants.  What happened to Nubia Cristina Braga? It was reported that Nubia was returning home from the salon when suddenly, two men broke into her house and … Read more

Kathy Wrethman Cause of death? Young girl from Australia who went missing in 1968.

Kathy Wrethman

This is the story of   Kathy Wrethman, Who was abducted by a man in 1968 What happened to Kathy Wrethman in 1968? Kathy was a young girl from Australia who went missing for three days  after being kidnapped in 1968 According to Kathy, the kidnapper cut her hair, and all that Kathy could remember … Read more

Gordon Sparks Cause of Death, How did Gordon Sparks Die?

Gordon Sparks

Lifestyle changes and food habits lead to a lot of diseases and complications. As per the reports, the death rate is increasing due to the suffering of disease and injuries. How will it feel if we lose the person who is struggling to escape from the disease? It won’t be very pleasant. Aged people, children, … Read more

How did Victor Steeman die? Dutch motorcycle racer Victor Steeman dies after a race crash

Victor Steeman

Victor Steeman, a Dutch motorcycle racer, died on Oct. 11th 2022, Tuesday, after getting in a race crash during the World Supersport 300 Championship in Portugal. He was 22 years old at the time of death. Who is Victor Steeman? Victor was born in June. 15th 2000, in Zevenaar, Netherlands. He is a talented young … Read more

Bruce Sutter split finger ace and hall of famer, Cause of death

Bruce Sutter

Everyone in the world has unique talents to shine in their life and passion. By fixing the aim or goal, they start to chase their dreams. With all their efforts, they reach their goal and stand in that position forever. Losing such passionate and talented people from the earth is a heart devastating moment. With … Read more

Dr. Glenn Boris Cause of death, a beloved pediatrician, died after suffering a stroke

Dr. Glenn Boris

For more than 30 years, Dr. Glenn Boris practiced pediatrics in Lubbock, and he was an inspiration to all who knew him. He shared his experience recovering from a stroke last year. As a result of the stroke, he was paralyzed on one side of his body. Dr. Glenn Boris Cause of death: His wife … Read more

How did Walter E. Smithe die? Patriarch of Walter E. Smithe Jr. Furniture & Design passed away at 86

Walter E. Smithe

Walter E. Smithe Jr., founder and patriarch of Walter E. Smithe Furniture & Design, passed away peacefully on October 9 2022, Sunday, in Chicago. He was 86 at the time of his demise. Who is Walter E. Smithe Jr.? Smithe was born on May 19, 1936, and his parents are Margaret Slifka and Walter E. … Read more

How did Leah Croucher die? The quiet story of a missing quiet girl, Cause of Death

Leah Croucher

So the name of the girl is Leah Croucher. A girl who got missing on 15 February 2019. So let’s talk about what happened to Miss Leah ? Where did she go? Who is Leah Croucher ? Leah Croucher is 19 years old girl. It was reported on 15 February 2019 that a British teenager … Read more

Mae Amburgey: Whose viral photo made it upto national headlines, passes away at the age of 97.

Mae Amburgey

Mae Amburgey, who became viral after her photo of her being stuck inside a Kentucky home during the flood, passed away at 97. Who is Mae Amburgey? In July, Missy Amburgey took a picture of her grandmother Mae Amburgey stuck in her home during the flood and posted it online out of desperation. The photo … Read more

Andy Detwiler Obituary, Harmless farmer Andy Detwiler dies at the age of 51, Cause of Death

andy detwiler

Andy Detwiler, famously known as Homeless Farmer on YouTube, passed away on September 21 at 51. His wife and daughter announced the news of his death on YouTube  Who is Andy Detwiler? Andy Detwiler is a YouTuber with 130,000 subscribers on YouTube. He was involved in an accident that caused him to lose his arms … Read more