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 What happened to Tara Book and Brittany Buras? Mother shoots herself after killing her daughter

brittany buras

A shocking incident occurs in Mandeville as a mother kills her daughter before killing herself. The parish Coroner’s office identified the bodies as Tara Book and her daughter Brittany Buras. The incident took place on October 18.  What happened to Tara Book and Brittany Buras? According to the authorities, a dispatch call was made by … Read more

How did Antonio Dennard die? What happened to Antonio Dennard?

Antonio Dennard

The NFL player Antonio Dennard who was shot on October 15 outside Reading, Pennsylvania, passed away the following day. He was pronounced dead by the Berks County Coroner’s office. He was 32 at the time of his death. The incident took place outside Reading, Pennsylvania. The incident is ruled as a homicide.  What happened to … Read more

How did Jolissa Fuentes die? The body of Jolissa Fuentes was found after two months

How did Jolissa Fuentes die

The body of 22-year-old Jolissa Fuentes, who went missing for two months, was found at the foot of a cliff in a rural area of Fresno County. What happened to Jolissa Fuentes? According to their family of Jolissa, in August Six went home to get some of her belongings but did not return. The family … Read more

Jane Steele die: Cause of death, Obituary

Jane Steele die: Cause of death, Obituary

The head deputy teacher of the Denmark Road high school passed away on 27th August during the Summer holidays. She was the wife of Andy. Who was Jane Steele? Jane Steele was a head deputy teacher at Denmark Road high school who was selfless and devoted her life to serving others. All loved her. She … Read more

India Probes 4 Cough Syrups After WHO’s Alert On Child Deaths

India Probes 4 Cough Syrups

According to the official sources, the WHO issued an alert suggesting cough syrups made by an Indian manufacturer might likely be related to the deaths of children in The Gambia, prompting India’s drug authority to launch an investigation. 4 Allegedly produced cough syrups in Haryana: WHO cautioned on Wednesday that four “contaminated” and inferior cough … Read more

The arrest of the Victim of the Kanpur Accident

The arrest of the Victim of the Kanpur Accident

The country’s census says that half of the year’s deaths are caused due to road accidents. Yes, it is true. Every day, the accident rates are entering the exponential phase, which has never declined. Even though there are many rules and regulations for officers to monitor the movement and running of vehicles, the rate of … Read more

How did Charles Fuller Die? Cause Of Death, Pulitzer prize-winning playwright Charles Fuller dies at 83

Charles Fuller

It feels terrible when we miss our closest people going away from us. We will be missing their presence, memories, works, and deeds which they had done in their life; each and every detail of them will be remembered. Even if they do at the oldest age or die at the very youngest age, the … Read more

How did Percival Mabasa die? Percival Mabasa’s cause of death

How did Percival Mabasa die

Philippines: Journalist Percival Mabasa shot dead Life stops for anyone in the world when we lose it. None has the right to stop our birth or death on this earth. We are born without knowing when we will leave this earth or when we will live and spend our precious time with our loved ones. … Read more

How did Ian Hamilton KC die? Ian Hamilton KC Cause Of Death, Dies At Age 97

How did Ian Hamilton KC die

The world has a cycle of birth and death. Every day new living beings are born, and some living things are losing their life. It is the closest ones and the friends who will feel sad and despair because of losing the lives of their loved ones. The death of close ones will be heartbreaking … Read more