Antonio Inoki Death? How did He die? Famous Japanese Wrestler And Politician Antonio Inoki Dies: Cause of Death

The birth and death of the living beings on the earth are decided and written by God as fate. No one can know and fix their date of birth and death. The cycle of life occurs every second on this mother earth. In a sense, the death of our close ones will take away our happiness, strength etc. 

One such breaking news that made the hearts of wrestling fans is Antonio Inoki’s death. Here, let us see how Antonio Inoki died.

Who is Antonio Inoki? 

Antonio Inoki is a well-known Japanese wrestler and a popular sportsman who entered politics. He is also a lawmaker who created the record of facing the world boxing champion Mohammad Ali in the mixed martial arts match held in 1976. 

Inoki had spent his time and efforts to bring Japanese pro wrestling to light and fame. Also, he was involved in many promotions for spreading peace through sports. He had also traveled more than 30 trips to North Korea during his period as a lawmaker, supporting peace and friendship. 

How did Antonio Inoki die? 

The wrestler, Antonio, who was fighting a rare disease, amyloidosis, died on October 1, Saturday, according to the New Japan wrestling Co sources. It is known that he was the founder of that wrestling campaign. Even though he struggled with the disease for longer, he was strong enough to do his work and deeds. 

After his long determination and fight against the disease, he lost his life at the age of 79 on October 1. The strongest wrestler and the peace lover has lost his life. 

Everyone is sharing their despair and sorrow regarding death. Strong prayers to his family and may his soul rest in peace! 

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