Andy Detwiler Obituary, Harmless farmer Andy Detwiler dies at the age of 51, Cause of Death

Andy Detwiler Obituary, Harmless farmer Andy Detwiler dies at the age of 51, Cause of Death

Andy Detwiler, famously known as Homeless Farmer on YouTube, passed away on September 21 at 51. His wife and daughter announced the news of his death on YouTube 

Who is Andy Detwiler?

Andy Detwiler is a YouTuber with 130,000 subscribers on YouTube. He was involved in an accident that caused him to lose his arms as a kid. Despite being handicapped, he taught himself how to do daily tasks with the help of his feet.

He decided to launch a YouTube channel under the name Harmless farmer, where he would upload videos of daily tasks with his feet’ help. 

This made me quite famous, and many people were inspired by his videos. According to the New York Times, he was ranked among the web most watched agrarian channels.

Besides being a YouTuber, he was also a member of the Champaign County fair board and the Presbyterian Church of Urbana. He survived with his wife Corky, his daughter Kylie, and his parents and siblings. 

How did Andy Detwiler die?

In 2020 Andy revealed that he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. While being treated for cancer, he came down with pneumonia and was treated at a hospital in Urbana, Ohio. But passed away after suffering from an aneurysm.

On September 21, 2022, the YouTuber breathed his last at Mercy Health Urbana hospital. 

Andy Detwiler Cause of death:

According to the sources, YouTube passed away on September 21 2022, after suffering from an aneurysm while being treated for pneumonia. He was diagnosed with esophageal anger in 2020

Andy Detwiler Obituary: 

Those who wish to donate to charity in Andy’s memory can contribute to the Cancer Association of Campaign  County at PO box 38125 in Urbana, Ohio.

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