Android 11 Update Introduced In Pixel Phones, Next Week In India; Click To Know More!!

Pixel Phones to get Android 11 update next week in India

Google Pixel phones in India will get Android 11 updates from next week. It is the latest Android which released this week. Moreover, displayed in Google Pixel Phones globally but restricted in the Indian market due to compatibility issues.

It is the 18th major version of Android released on the 8th of September. The Beta version released in the month of May. However, it took two months for the stable version to roll out. Yet, the trend of keeping the names of Android versions based on the desert was broken as of Android 10, thus the 18th version was named Android 11.

Features Of Android 11

Pixel Phones to get Android 11 update next week in India

The new update comes with “Conversation” Notification which pops up as Bubble. It also comes with a built-in “Screen Recorder”. In the last versions of Android, it appeared as the drawback. It comes with 5G connectivity in order to enhance the app surfing feature. It monitors the device temperature and according to which it optimises its functionality. The voice control system well recognises screen context.

The API of Android 11 can handle various devices with ultra-curved displays and foldable smartphones. It supports wireless debugging.

This version of Android is far ahead in its Privacy & Security features. The Apps based on this version can access files present in external storage.

Many Pixel users in India took the issue of unavailability of the Android 11 to Google’s Pixel Phone Community forums. To which the organisation responded that they’re working on making sure the update is compatible with the Indian ecosystem.

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