Andhra Pradesh Govt. Extends COVID-19 curfew till 10 June

The Andhra Pradesh government on Monday expanded the COVID-19 check-in time in the state till June 10, with a similar arrangement of limitations.

“Time limitation stretched out till June tenth in Andhra Pradesh. Timings continue as before,” educated Chief Minister’s Office.

The time limitation, which was first cinched from May 5 as the Covid cases were on a lofty vertical winding, should end on May 31. Presently the limitations have been stretched out by 10 additional days.

It has been declared that relaxations reported before will stay set up from 6 am till 12 early afternoons. The COVID-19 time limitation in Andhra Pradesh is being authorized from 12 early afternoons to 6 am every day.

In the midst of admonitions of a potential third wave, the Andhra Pradesh government has established the AP Pediatric Covid-19 Task Force of specialists to exhort the public authority on all specialized and clinical issues identified with kids and get ready different conventions and direct broad preparing for clinical, nursing and paramedical faculty.

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