Among Us 2: The Devs Cancelled The New Release; Read To Know The Reason

Among Us 2: The Devs Cancelled The New Release

Seeing the increasing craze of Among Us in gamers, the developers decided to cancel the release of Among Us 2. The announcement of the second season done on 19- August- 2020. Among Us released on June 15, 2018, published by American game studio InnerSloth. It received popularity in 2020 due to many well-known Twitch streamers and YouTubers playing it.

Reason Behind Cancellation Of Among Us 2

Recently the devs confirmed the current player base of the has increased from 271  players in January to 1.5 million in current days. They don’t want to divide the player base by launching the sequel of the game. However, all the new features will be introduced in Among Us 1.

The devs are focusing on taking the current game next level by cancelling the release of Among Us 2. The gamers have not to worry as new and exciting things will soon be addressed in the current game.

About Among Us

Among Us is a multiplayer game, supporting up to 10 players. Each player is a crewmate on every map. However, one or two play the role of an imposter whose main goal is to kill everyone by keeping the identity undiscovered.

The crew can win the round if they finish their tasks or if they find out who the imposter is and kick them off. The imposter can win if they kill everyone on board. During a round, crewmates will frolic the ship performing tasks while imposters search for victims. After a crewman is killed, if another member stumbles upon the body, they will report it and trigger a gathering between everyone on board.

Among Us 2: The Devs Cancelled The New Release

Here’s when the fun (and deceit) begins, as questions on who was nearby and who saw what begin. This is often probably also the part where you work out which of your friends and family are good at lying. Communication takes place through in-game chat.

After the meeting, teams can prefer to vote off a player or skip voting for that round, and everybody returns to the ship to end their tasks (or to exterminate other crew members), and it continues. A player also can call an “emergency meeting” if they think they know who the imposter is.

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