Amelia Pounds Cause of death, Amelia Pounds died due to complications from the liposuction surgery

Amelia Pounds Cause of death, Amelia Pounds died due to complications from the liposuction surgery

Amelia Pounds has passed away due to complications from liposuction surgery in New Delhi, India. She was 28 at the time of her demise. 

Who are Amelia Pounds?

Amelia Pounds is a Nigerian socialite and businesswoman. She was in New Delhi for liposuction surgery but passed away during the surgery on October 7.

Many of her fans and followers have expressed their sadness through social media.

What happened to Amelia Pounds?

On October 7, Amelia was in India in New Delhi and was admitted to an unidentified hospital for her liposuction surgery but passed away due to complications. But the main cause behind her death has not been disclosed, but a video has been circulating on social media where Amelia is lying lifeless in the hospital bed.

Amelia Pounds Cause of death:

There is no official cause behind the death of Amanda Pounds. Still, it is believed that she died due to complications in the liposuction surgery after a viral video showed her dead body lying in the hospital bed and doctors apologizing to her.

What is liposuction surgery?

Liposuction surgery is a cosmetic surgery where the fats are removed from specific body parts such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, or neck.

Risks of liposuction surgery:

This is not the first time that anyone has died due to liposuction. Earlier this year, Kannada actress  Chetana Raj died after undergoing liposuction. This makes anyone wonder about the risks of having liposuction surgery. Like any other major surgery, liposuction comes with risk factors such as numbness, infection, fluid accumulation, kidney and heart problems, etc. But it has been reported that fat embolism can occur when one undergoes liposuction surgery, where tiny droplets of fats enter into the blood treatment and block the vessels of important organs such as a sheath,  lungs, or brain, resulting in death. However, the risk of undergoing fat embolism is rare.

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