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Amber Heard Sister Had Said He Was Going To Kill her.

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Amber Heard sister has finally spoken up and said that she thought that he is going to kill her

In his libel trial against the newspaper publishing company the sun, the former Amber Heard sisters employee had provided some contradicted evidence in the High Court.

In the court, Jennifer Holwell said that Amber heard sister, Whitney Henriquez was extremely abusive towards Johnny Depp and couldn’t understand how Johnny is putting up Amber’s abuse.

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In the article, the sun in which the Depp was called a wife beater, that article says that Depp has nearly pushed down the Ambar sister from the stairs when she tries to intervene in the fight.

Henriquez, Amber’s sister, said that when she tries to stop the fight and says not to hit her and what he did in the return is he punched him hard on the face.

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From Depp’s Side Story

She also said that she has to go down and sleep on her boss’s floor. But Howell, Henriquez’s an employer in a charity event, contradicts the statement by saying that this is not what she was told, and the proof is with the mirror.

Whitney said that she had testified the violent abuse in 2015. When told that Amber used to hit Johny Depp and she tries to stop Amber from the violence.

Whitney also told that she tried to stop number from hitting Johnny and she push her from the stairs and she thought that Amber is going to kill Johnny.

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Last night Amber Heard Sister said that whatever Howell is saying is totally fiction and she does not know why she is saying such things which are not at all right in front of the court.

Now the trial is over and the judgement is due September.


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