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Amber Heard And Jhonny Deep:- From Romance To Hostility.

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard married for 15 months, but their relationship can’t get more horrified then from the last few months it is going on. In one of the articles of British newspaper termed him as ‘wife beater.’

In London High Court, Amber Heard had said that he is loving and generous when he is sober, but on the other side, he is a monster. She said that she loves him a lot but can’t handle the monster side of him and can’t keep the marriage.

In today’s Court session, Amber Heard acting coach said that she had seen them fighting many times. Still, Johnny Depp never in front of her does not domestically violent her in any way, but he always used to say such things that can disgust anyone.

Kristina Talks About Jhonny Deep

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In today’s session, Kristina Sexton took a stand and said that once Johnny Depp said to Amber that he wants her barefoot, pregnant, and at home. She noted that Depp doesn’t like the parts of a film she was auditioning for in which some of the scenes are overtly sexual, so he said that don’t do these whore part scenes.

Sexton once asked her when she was covering some bruises under her eye, trying to hide it, but it was still not fully covered, so sexton asked her what is going on? Did he hit you? And she said that she doesn’t want to tell, but after forcing her she said that yes he hit her.

source:- Nationalhearld

Had has said that she was never violent when the Pirates of Caribbean actor, she only set him once in defence of her sister. Depth lawyer said that Amber Heard assaulted her sister and her injuries are been examining based on the tape.

Heard said that in their relationship, she endured kicking, punching. She said that sometimes things were so severe that he is going to kill her intentionally or by losing control.

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