AmazonBasics Appliances: A Potential Threat; Click To Know More!

AmazonBasics Appliances: A Potential Threat

More than a thousand customer reviewed AmazonBasics products as “hazardous” and “dangerous”. The appliances reported to catch fire, melt, or explode, revealed in an investigation conducted by CNN.

AmazonBasics comes under an umbrella of Amazon. Amazon Owens AmazonBasics privately. It includes Kitchen gadgets, tech accessories, and focuses on inexpensive products. AmazonBasics launched in 2009. It offers everyday products from small wires to large batteries.

AmazonBasics Appliances: A Potential Threat

Moreover, depending on the needs of a customer, new products secure a place on the list. If the product fails to turn a profit, the product names get removed—AmazonBasics currently sold on Amazon shopping websites. However, the brand wants to expand the market. The organisation seeks to introduce it in the offline market in India by the end of 2020. AmazonBasics is the brand of Amazon and manufactured by Amazon.

The main motive is to compete with other brands on a high level with a benefit of low cost and retail prices. Other products cost higher as they have several stories to reach customers like Manufacturer, wholesale, distributors some have two distributor levels then retailers. After this lengthy process, if someone wants to sell online, they can do listing on amazon, and then it reaches the customer.

AmazonBasics Appliances: A Potential Threat

On the other hand, AmazonBasics Products reaches directly from Manufacturer, which is Amazon to consumers. So, it costs less to a customer. This provides the benefits of low retail prices. And the most significant service is if a product is under warranty. The process to claim warranty one can just raise the complaint to amazon, and they will get on door replacement for free.

In a letter to Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos the CNN requester to discontinue the sale of such products and recall those have been sold.

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