Amarinder Warns China Against Any Attempt At Intrusion

Amarinder Singh, Punjab CM, has warned China against the intrusion into the Indian territory on Saturday. He said that the Country would not back off in the face of its intimidation. Further, he underscored the requirement of the diplomatic talks concerning escalating border tensions. Also, India does not want war. But India is not going to tolerate any bullying by Beijing.

Amarinder singh
Source: The Indian Express

Punjab CM Amarinder Singh warned neighboring Country China that India should not be taken lightly. Further, Captain Amarinder Singh added that it is not the year 1962. India is not going to stop this time from retaliating against the intimidating behavior of China. Also, he said China would have to pay for the intrusion in Indian.

No Other Option

He said that the Indian Army is ready from every perspective to fight against every intrusion into the Indian territory. China should not take any chances against India. He warned China during the live Facebook Session. However, he added that India does not war with any country or nation. Also, India believes that the situations at the border should be peaceful. And there will be no option left with the nations if the behavior of nations remains the same.

Source: The Hindu

Punjab CM Amarinder Singh also pointed out that China should not have any objection against India building the infrastructure at the borders because building infrastructure at the Indian side of the border is India’s lookout. Because India never objected to China, making roads and infrastructure in the Aksai Region. India extends its claim over the area of the Aksai Region. China reacted with aggression against India, building infrastructure on the Indian side of the border.

Captain Amarinder also warned Pannu about the severe consequences of establishing peace in the State of Punjab. The state of Punjab is not going to sacrifice its peace due to foreign elements.



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