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After His Tense Fight with Kim, Kanye Seen Boarding Jet With His Son, Saint


With his little son Saint Kanye West seen leaving Wyoming after the intense fight with his wife, Kim Kardashian.

The rapper seems to leave his expensive stay range in Wyoming. After making all the controversial to tweets and staying away from his wife for a while and applying for presidential candidate ship and campaigning for it, Kanye West seen with his 4-year-old son leaving for LA.

Both were photographed The rapper and the son at a landing strip in Cody, Wyoming, on August 2. They were getting on board with security guards in tow.

On July 27th Kim Kardashian visited Kanya at his ranch, and the couple had an intense fight. The couple was spotted in their car while going for breakfast, and both were looking at their phones, and after reaching to the ranch, Kim was full in tears.

Sources told that Kim Kardashian also said The rapper to stay in the Cody as his mental health is not stable right now so he can take as much time as he wants. Also, she doesn’t want her kids to be in any influence or danger by the instability of the rapper’s health.

source- the daily mail

Earlier this week, Kanye also apologizes on Twitter to the supermodel for speaking out things which should not be and is a family matter. He also says that he is very thankful for staying for always being on his side. At the same time, in the campaign, he talked about abortion and told the public how he wanted her first child Northwest to be get aborted.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and their kids

After this Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram story saying to show more compassion and generosity towards our husband as he is going a lot and his mental health is not stable right now she also says that she wants to remove that stigma and misconception of Mental Health and want people to talk more about it and told her followers, but her husband is bipolar


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