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A Russian Girl, 14-year-old, Hide Her Pregnancy And Put Her New Born In Freezer; Read More!

Girl, 14-year-old, Hide Her Pregnancy And Put Her New Born In Freezer

A teenage girl become scared to disclose about her pregnancy to her parents. In fear she put her infant kid in the freezer to die, state police.

Girl, 14-year-old, Hide Her Pregnancy And Put Her New Born In Freezer

Pregnancy Case Of 14-year-old

The 14-year-old, who currently in a genuine condition in emergency clinic, conceived an offspring in mystery to an infant kid prior to placing him in a plastic sack and setting him in a cooler in the family’s carport.

Neither her family nor her instructors had acknowledged she was pregnant, state reports.

The young lady named Anastasia later admitted to paramedics what she had done.

However, by then it past the point where it seems possible to spare him.

She shrouded the youngster since she appeared too frightened to even consider telling her folks, she said.

Her dad caught up with working in the yard when she conveyed the youngster to the freeser.

The Ombudsman for the area of Novosibirsk, in Siberia in southern Russia, Nadezhda Boltenko, told neighborhood station 360TV that the student’s mom had called a rescue vehicle for her girl.

Boltenko Stated:

“She heard her groaning around evening time and thought her little girl was experiencing an infected appendix,” said Boltenko.


Truth be told, the child by then was at that point conceived, and the young lady was draining vigorously – with nobody to support her.

In the emergency vehicle she “admitted to paramedics she had conceived an offspring and concealed the youngster from the grown-ups in the cooler” at the family home in Verkh-Tula town close to Novosibirsk city.

Girl, 14-year-old, Hide Her Pregnancy And Put Her New Born In Freezer

The ombudsman considered it a “awful case”.

The young lady is currently in clinic in a “genuine” condition, she said.

A neighbor said she investigated about the pregnancy of the teen and referenced this to Anastasia’s mom.

In any case, she answered that she had recently put on some weight.

Anastasia Kuleshova, an authority from the Russian Investigative Committee said “all the conditions of the baby’s passing” are being checked by analysts.

The dad of the kid is matured 16, reports propose.

He and the young lady had separated in the late spring.

Pregnancy In Youngsters

Youngsters are at a higher danger for pregnancy-related hypertension (toxemia) and its complexities than normal age moms. Dangers for the child include premature birth and low birth weight. Toxemia can likewise hurt the kidneys or even be lethal for mother or infant.

Pregnant adolescents additionally have a higher possibility of becoming anemic. Frailty is a decrease in the quantity of red platelets (RBCs). This can cause you to feel feeble and tired and can influence your baby’s development.

Conceiving an offspring in the United States is more secure than any time in recent memory. However it’s even more hazardous for a teenager than for a lady 20 or more established. As indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO)Trusted Source, complications during pregnancy or childbirth are the main source of death all around the world for young ladies ages 15 to 19.

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