A Dog Thrown By A Man In Lake: Traumatising Event Took Place In Bhopal; Click to know more!

A Dog Thrown By A Man In Lake

There is an old saying that when a dog loves a man, then he is a good man and same if a man loves a dog then he a good man.

A traumatising incident took place onĀ  Sunday. A Viral video went all over the news where an unhealthy man in his twenties caught throwing a stray dog from the height of at least 12 feet bridge into the lake. In the city of Bhopal, the incident took place. After throwing the dog in water, the man smiled for the camera. The whole episode outbreak the Internet when the video went viral.

Awful Man And An Innocent Dog

The man picked up one of two dogs who were near the bridge of Boat Club Road near Van Vihar. The dogs were barking on the man. In the rage of madness, the man picked up one of the two dogs and threw the dog into the lake. He smiled as he looked at the person shouting the video. In the video, a song from the Bollywood movie Commando 3 could be heard.

The video clip shows that the man picked the dog and threw the dog into the lake. The innocent whack the water, but the survival is not apparent as the video is not clear.
Bhopal deputy inspector general of police Irshad Wali with the additional superintendent of police Ramasanehi Mishra told that a case is filed under Indian Penal Code 429. The penal code states misconduct by killing or maiming any animal. He also told that the accused traced and will punish accordingly.

Hundreds of the social media users have shared the expressing there rage and anger towards the incident. The incident put the nation in shock. Instead of all the rules and regulations, few people never fails to show that there is no ‘Humanity’ left in humans.

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