5 Dead, 57 Injured In Gujarat Factory Blast

A massive explosion took place in the factory situated in the Dahej special economic zone (SEZ) on Wednesday. At least five peoples have lost their lives in the blast. On the other hand, 32 peoples are severely burnt in the explosions and are injured. The Dahej special economic zone (SEZ) in Bharuch district in Gujrat.

Nobody knows the exact reason for the explosion. Officials told that the fire in the storage area of the company resulted in the blast. Further, the explosion took place at around noon in the field of Yashasvi Rasayan Pvt Ltd. The authorities shifted the people injured as a result of this explosion to different hospitals in Bharuch in Gujrat.

Gujrat Factory Blast
Source: News Raiser

A video was capturing the explosion incident gone viral on social media. The video has shown a man who wholly burnt in the explosion as is desperately seeking medical help. The video is also showing a man who is asking other people to take the burnt man to the Hospital. Further, the other man is asking people that the burnt man will die if not carried to Hospital.

Actions Taken By Administration

The authorities have pressed 15 fire tenders into action to deal with the rising flames. However, the blaze started subsidizing by 4 pm. People in the area of 20 km were able to hear the massive explosion. The people in the other villages of the Bharuch were able to listen to the explosion. The smoke rings rising in the air were visible from Bhavnagar. The impact of the blast was so massive that it resulted in damage to  Yashasvi Chemicals situated at a distance of 2 KM from Dahej special economic zone (SEZ).

The window glasses of the nearby buildings also shattered as a result of this massive explosion. Also, the administration of the district directed the people to evacuate the locality near the plant. People from Lakhigam and Luwara district also left the place.

Senior GPBC officials said that the tanks containing hydrogen, sulfur dioxide, xylene, and ethanol are at risk. The emission of volatile organic carbon was much above threshold levels. AV Shah, the member secretary of GPCB, that the situation is under control now. The Cyclone Nisaraga also increased the chance of sulfur dioxide emission, which in turn may increase the damages. However, the local people are completely safe as the people evacuated the danger zone.


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