28 Peacocks Found Dead In Tamil Nadu; Click To Know More!

28 Peacocks Found Dead In Tamil Nadu

A piece of very shocking news came related to peacocks on September 16. The birds found dead at farmland in Kovilpatti area. At least 28 peafowls found dead in bizarre circumstance.
The heart-wrenching news reported from the Tuticorin district, which is located in Tamil Nadu.

On the farmland, crops like corn and maize were produced. People assumed that birds died due to consuming pesticide seeds—pesticides used in farming to protect the crop from damage. According to information forest officials examined the reason behind the incident.

The matter collected highlights when farmers visited their farms and found the carcass of peacocks. They later notified forest and animal husbandry department, officials.

To find the real cause behind the death of at least 28 peacocks, the necropsy procedure took place on the dead peacocks. The samples gained from the necropsy passed forward to the forensic examination.

In the necropsy report, it is found that the reason for their death is ingested corns. On the other hand, the forest officials have said that they will take immediate actions against the framers who blend pesticides with the seeds. Furthermore, they suggested the farmers not to execute such activities that may cause harm to the birds.

28 Peacocks Found Dead In Tamil Nadu

According to reports, 79% of birds species has declined in recent years.  But the good news is that the number of Indian peafowls has raised dramatically as per the reports.

Significance Of Peacocks

Peacocks stand as a symbol of protection and safeguard. Moreover, some people also believe that the feather of peacock provide protection against evil eyes and destroys all the negativity. Peacock is India’s national birds as it has vivid coloured feathers which referred to Indian culture.

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