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Facebook’s new news tool goes live in 400 cities in the United States


On Wednesday, November 28th, Social media giant Facebook announced its expansion of Today In. Facebook has been testing Today In for quite some time and as per the announcement made Facebook has expanded its reach to 400 cities.  

Today In aggregates local news and the social media giant began working on it after more than half of its surveyed users. The section has news related post, the page includes events, school announcements and many more.

A user can opt for choosing into seen the posts in their news feed or into seen it in Today In section. Users also have an option to turn the post on and off.

Aggregated news comes with its own drawbacks such as fake news. However, Facebooks says that it now uses tools prioritize local news over other news in the News Feed. The content posted passes through Facebook’s filters which are made to remove spam, hate speech, and other related content.

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