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Squoosh, an online image conversion application launched by Google


Squoosh, a new online image conversion application which has been released by Google Chrome Labs. Squoosh is a browser-based image editor and has been built with the focus of speed.

The application was first showcased at the Chrome Dev Summit. The application would be not only be supported on the Chrome browser but also other browsers as well. This application would be very important for Google as it would help to showcase the new web technologies.

On the Front-end, the application is very user-friendly and works very well. However, in the backend, there are some powerful technologies. There is also an image loader where a user would have a range is simple options to reduce the image size.

In the application, a user can reduce the dimensions of an image, make changes in the color palette, and use a wide range of compression techniques. As there are changes in the application a user can compare the before after images and would not lose the quality in the name of optimization.

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