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A new outbreak of African swine fever kills 47 pigs in China’s Anhui province

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The Chinese authorities have confirmed the African swine fever outbreak. This outbreak has taken place in the eastern province of Anhui.

The nation has the world’s biggest hog herd and has reported more than 50 cases. African swine flu is known to be a very contagious disease.

In August, the nation first detected the outbreak and now it has spread to the eastern province of Anhui.

In the south of Anhui at the Qingyang county in a farm with 8,339 pigs, the African swine fever was found. The fever affected 96 pigs and killed 47 of them as per the statement from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

The authorities have prohibited the transport of pigs and pork products outside in and out of the area.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in the month of October said that it would lift the swine fever related restrictions in four of Anhui cities.

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