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Google hires new head to lead its health care strategy

David Feinberg

Google, the U.S based technology behemoth, announced that the company has selected David Feinberg, the CEO of Geisinger Health to create a strategy and move towards the $3 trillion health care industry.

The Technology giant has been searching for months for candidates and Jeff Dean, the Artificial Intelligence(AI) head has been personally interviewing candidates for this role. Jeff stated that some candidates were leaders if health consulting, hospital management and insurance.

David Feinberg would report to Jeff Dean but also work closely with Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google.

The main role for David would be to organize the companies fragmented health initiatives which currently overlap among many of the groups business.

Google core search team, Google Brain artificial intelligence team, cloud business, Google Fit wearables team, and the Nest home automation group are interested in health care.

The company is planning to build a health team within its Nest Team which would help its users to manage their health at home and would also monitor senior citizens who live independently. Nest has been an independent company under Alphabet, Googles holding company, but earlier this year came back into Google Home team.

The main role for Feinberg would be on to coordinating across the various teams. However, the role would be complicated as many of the company’s top executives including Sergey Brin, the co-founder is interested in health care.

Google recently hosted a two-day conference for its employees working in health. Apple and Amazon are also one among many companies working and making investments in the health care sector.


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