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Diesel engine valve issue forces Mazda to recall 640k vehicles globally

Mazda engine

On Thursday, 8th October, Mazda Motor Corp. said that the company is planning to recall 640,000 vehicles globally. The recalled would be made to fix issues with the valve springs which are used in its diesel engines.

The automaker would recall around 230,000 vehicles in Japan, its home country and 410,000 cars in overseas. This does not include the United States as the company does not sell its diesel models in the country.

This announcement comes right after the company’s competitor, Subaru Corp. announced that it would recall more than 400,000 of its vehicles globally. The recall would be made to fix the valve springs used in engines and would cost the company an entire years profit.

Lately, Japanese automakers are dealing with rising issues in the quality of the components used in their vehicles which are caused due to testing misconducts. Automakers are losing a lot of money with these recalls and are questioning quality controls.

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